Featured Author Sean Crow


Sean works as a Special Education teacher in a correctional facility in Oregon where he also instructs Language Arts and Social Studies to young men working on a second chance at life. He is the father of three beautiful children and husband to a woman who, for whatever reason, puts up with his crazy ideas.

Godless Lands:
In a plague-ravaged world, humanity struggles to recognize itself. The Blight, a vicious disease that decimated mankind, beasts, and even plant life has left its crippling mark on the world. Isolated havens, once prosperous cities, selfishly hoard what little food remains. Yet, hope lives on where least expected.
Wandering the Godless Lands between the havens, Ferris, an aged and Blight scarred soldier turned vagabond finds himself thrust into the role of guardian for a desperate noblewoman and her daughter. Thinking he does only a small kindness, Ferris soon finds himself on the run from Sir Arlo, the infamous Death Knight. With no other options, Ferris leads his wards to a hidden community amidst the desolation and hazards of the Godless Lands. What Ferris doesn’t know is that others stalk the death poxed land; a danger that the world is just becoming aware of. The Butcher of Riven is on the prowl, and he hunts for the Hungry God…

Godless Lands: Crow, Sean M, Duchek, Tomas: 9798637528790: Amazon.com: Books

Valhalla Steel
Step into the dark future where creatures of myth clash in the back alleys of an uncaring city run by all-powerful corporations. This illustrated novella follows the members of Valhalla Steel, a gun-running clan of Vikings guided by their leader, Angus Jarlson. Caught in a turf war with chem-dealing Fae, Angus desires only two things: a future for his people and bloody vengeance against his foes. Will Valhalla Steel rise to prominence or will they join the untold millions in anonymity?

Amazon.com: Valhalla Steel (9798649639194): Crow, Sean, Wiseman, Charlotte, Valiukonis, Anthony: Books

-Social MediaFacebook: Sean Crow | FacebookInstagram: Sean Crow (@lordofcrowsauthor) • Instagram photos and videosWebsite: www.lordofcrows.com

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