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Oric and the Alchemist’s Key
(Book 1 in The Oric Trilogy)

  1. Author(s) Lesley Wilson
  2. Release Date: October 19th, 2016
  3. Tag Categories:

historical Fantasy Fiction

Medieval Historical Romance

Medieval Fantasy Fiction,


#medieval #historical #suspense #adventure #fiction

  • Taglines
  • The apothecary’s assistant had no idea how wrong he was
    • Does Oric unravel the mystery of the Alchemist’s key?
  • Blurb

Returning to the manor after an early morning foraging errand, Oric finds his home alight, the inhabitants dead, and his mentor mortally wounded. The old man relinquishes a key, warning Oric that a terrible disaster will surely occur should it fall into wrong hands. The alchemist also hints of great wealth, but he dies before he can impart any further information.

In his quest to unravel the mystery surrounding the alchemist’s key, Oric experiences many challenging adventures before a surprising and lifechanging conclusion is reached.

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Chapter 1

Oric Runs for his Life

Esica Figg crept from his hiding place behind a dusty wall-tapestry. Blinking in a shaft of early-morning sunlight, he surveyed the bodies that lay strewn across the floor.

Marauders had struck at dawn. After a night of carousing, the inhabitants of Dunburton Manor were too befuddled to offer resistance. The invaders cut them down without mercy, stole everything of value, and left a pyre of furniture burning in the centre of the Great Hall.

Anger replaced Esica Figg’s fear. He cared not one jot for the murdered people of Dunburton, but he did care about the silver he had loaned the incumbent Lord. Now it was gone – stolen along with everything else of value in the manor. Figg’s business was moneylending and he stood little chance of recovering his loss. Frustrated, he beat his fist against the wall. His desire to become the wealthiest man in the realm had taken a huge step backward.

Smoke from the blazing furniture seared Figg’s throat. Poised to make his escape, the sudden slam of a door arrested his movements. Hastening back to his hiding place behind the tapestry, Figg peeped through a hole in the fabric.

A tall, thin boy raced into the Great Hall and came to an abrupt halt beside the still form of an old man.

“Master Deveril! Master Deveril!” The boy dropped to his knees and rubbed the man’s blue-veined hands. “Are you hurt?”

The Dunburton alchemist’s eyes flickered open.

“Praise the Lord!” the boy gasped. “I thought you were dead.”

Deveril fluttered his hands. “Pay attention, Oric, for I have little time left.” His voice was surprisingly strong for one so near death. Figg, hiding only feet away, could hear every word.

From around his neck Deveril took a chain with a key hanging upon it and pressed it into Oric’s hand. “This key unlocks the secret to great wealth. You must promise to keep it safe. If it falls into evil hands, untold disasters could occur.”

Oric curled his fingers over the key. “I promise, Master Deveril. But I am confused. What kind of disaster? And where is the wealth you speak of?”

But the old man had drawn his final breath.

Slowly, as if in a dream, Oric stood up. The pyre of furniture had become a blazing inferno sending billows of acrid smoke around the Great Hall. Coming to his senses, Oric sped toward the door, pulling the chain with the key over his head as he ran.

A spark landed in the tinder-dry tapestry, setting it ablaze. Figg, driven from his hiding place, struck viciously at the small tongues of flame that licked the front of his tunic. His personal conflagration extinguished, he hastened after the boy. Come what may, Figg meant to gain possession of the alchemist’s key.

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